Board of Directors

Mike Rourke President of the Board

Mike Rourke, Trinity Public Utilities District's President of the Board

I was raised on the family ranch in Hayfork. After graduating from High School, I attended Shasta College and Chico State University where I earned my Agriculture Teaching Credential. In 1984 I was employed by Trinity High School as the agriculture teacher which provided me the opportunity to move back to Hayfork and the family ranch. Along with my wife, Margaret, our children, and grandchildren we operate the 900 acre, 150+ year old Rourke Ranch. The Rourke Ranch consists of irrigated hay, range land, cattle, timber production, fee-based hunting, and training ground for the sixth generation.

Over the last 20 years I have also served as a Board Member of the Trinity County Resource Conservation District. All these experiences have provided me many opportunities to interact with people, businesses, communities, and government agencies. I believe that this will help me in my service to the Trinity P.U.D. Now that I am retired from Teaching I will have more time to focus on the needs of the District.

I envision a very "bright" future for Trinity P.U.D. There are and will continue to be many challenges to maintaining the electric service for our customers. The integrity that the current and past Board Members, Managers, and Employees have provided is essential to our continued success. I plan to be an integral part of both maintaining the current great service and working towards a new and expanded role of Trinity P.U.D.'s future.

Alex Cousins Vice President of the Board

Alex Cousins, Trinity Public Utilities District's Vice President of the Board

I'm fortunate enough to be able to call Trinity County home, and have been for my entire life. After graduating from Trinity High I obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Chico State, and a Masters of Arts from San Diego State. And now I'm excited that my wife Sally and I, are able to raise our two children here.

20 years ago I returned from college to work for Trinity County, as an assistant planner. I finally settled with the Trinity County Resource Conservation District, working and managing there for 8 years. Recently I moved to work for Trinity River Lumber Company and North Fork Lumber Company, as sales manager.

I'm activity involved with the community, also serving on the board of directors of the Highland Art Center, the Trinity River Community Partners, and the Friends of the TCRCD.

I enjoy everything that Trinity County has to offer, including the endless recreational opportunities, such as kayaking, mountain bike, backpacking and backcountry skiing.

Trinity PUD, and the reliable, affordable power it provides, is an important resource for Trinity County. Ensuring its viability for today, and for future generations, is an important responsibility for the board, and I'm honored to be a part of the team.

Kelli Gant Director

Kelli Gant, Trinity Public Utilities District's Director

I first ran for a seat on the Trinity PUD board in 2011 because I wanted to be involved in an agency that provides an essential product to our county and supports our communities. My board goal is to ensure that the District is financially stable in its next 38 years so that it can continue to safely provide our customers with electricity at the lowest possible price.

As a TPUD board member, I am actively involved in American Public Power Association (APPA) and California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA). I have met with Congressional members and Department management in Washington DC numerous times to advocate for Trinity public power and Trinity County concerns.

In 2018, I was nominated by CMUA, and appointed, to the nationwide APPA Policy Makers Council to represent power utilities in Arizona, California, and Nevada. The PMC gathers annually in Washington DC to meet with Congressional members to promote the importance of public power and advocate for public power issues.

Outside of my Trinity PUD role, I am a governor-appointed member of the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. This agency works to ensure that water quality in our region remains the best in California.

At the community-level, I am actively involved in non-profits that benefit Trinity County businesses. These include Trinity Lake Revitalization Alliance, Trinity County Chamber of Commerce, Trinity Visitors and Development Bureau, and Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association.

I have 23 years of experience in the software industry, including 15 years in upper management working with million-dollar budgets. I have a Bachelor of Science in Managerial Economics from UC Davis and continued education credits in water law, land use compatibility, and CEQA compliance from UC Davis.

Andy Johnson Director

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Richard "Dick" Morris Clerk of the Board

Richard Morris, Trinity Public Utilities District's Clerk of the Board

Our family arrived in Trinity County during the gold rush.  Since that time we've been active in mining, ranching and business.  After graduating from Trinity County High I obtained a BA degree in business from San Jose State. My wife, Sandy, and I have six children, fourteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Sandy and I owned Morris Hardware which served customers throughout Trinity County for over fifty years. After closing our retail operations in 1997, we converted our historic buildings into Court House Square, now home to a wonderful variety of businesses serving our community.

In 1981 I chaired the committee that formed Trinity PUD and am pleased to have continued on the PUD board as we have expanded to serve most electric customers in our county. I have held positions in many local organizations, headed the team that transferred Trinity Hospital from County management to successful MCHD independent district oversight and helped in furthering the arts by performing for over 40 years with the Shasta Symphony, while serving on the board of the Snyder Highland Art Gallery. I was honored to serve as President of the California Retail Hardware Association and, more recently, served as president of Northwest Public Power Association which advances the interest of more than 150 community owned electric systems in seven western states, Canada and Alaska. This provides a voice for Trinity County in regional and national energy issues that impact us as customers of the federal hydro system.

It has been a joy for me to help our customers and County as Trinity PUD has become one of the best managed small electric utilities in the country, at the same time providing 100% renewable hydro power to our communities at the lowest energy rates in California.