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Rates and Fees Protecting Trinity County’s Rights to Low-Cost, Clean, Renewable Energy

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CVP & Power Generation

Why Is the Central Valley Project So Important to Me?

In 1955 the Federal Government made a deal with the citizens of Trinity County. Let them build a dam in Trinity County so a portion of Trinity's water could be diverted to the Central Valley for the Farmers and along the way, generate electricity. In return, they would allocate a certain amount of the electricity generated to the citizens of Trinity at cost. This deal was called the 1955 Trinity River Division Act (TRD) (69 Stat. 710).

In 1982 when the Trinity Public Utilities District (formerly the Trinity County Public Utilities District) was established, we started receiving power from the Central Valley Project (CVP) to begin the realization of the promise made to the citizens of Trinity County in the 1955 TRD.

Trinity PUD continues to stay involved in protecting Trinity County citizen's rights to the low-cost, clean, renewable energy that was promised in 1955.