Electric Water Heater Rebate

Trinity Hydro Electric Power Plant, Trinity Dam

Trinity PUD is offering an incentive in the form of a rebate/credit of $200 (for a conventional electric water heater) or $250 (for a hybrid electric water heater) to a limited number of qualified District customers who purchase an energy efficient, electric water heater for their home.

Whether it's new construction or retro-fit, Trinity PUD can help you take advantage of low cost, renewable, 100% carbon-free hydro power.


With Trinity PUD's low electric rates a family could lower their water heating costs 50% or more by switching from a propane water heater to an efficient electric water heater. The cost of operating an electric water heater is substantially less than a propane unit. As an example, at an electric rate of ten cents per kilowatt hour, the cost of propane would have to be less than $1.50 per gallon in order to be competitive.

No installation rebates will be awarded without a Trinity County Building Permit and Inspection. Trinity PUD reserves the right to inspect and verify installation.

Electric Water Heater Rebate Application

Submit your completed application to:

Trinity Public Utilities District
P.O. Box 1216
Weaverville, CA 96093