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Electricians working on high voltage wires from a lift bucket

Outage Information Working Hard to Get Your Power Restored As Quickly As Possible

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Power Outages

Please call Trinity PUD at (530) 623-5536 if you are experiencing an electrical outage.

Occasionally, to perform maintenance on our power line, Trinity PUD will contact customers who will be affected by a planned power outage. This type of work can help prevent unnecessary power outages in the future. Trinity PUD regrets any inconvenience these outages may cause you. Please make sure that Trinity PUD has your correct telephone number so we can inform you of any planned outages in your area.

If the planned outage is scheduled for your area, please de-energize sensitive electronic devices unless your equipment is adequately protected from a sudden loss of power.

Please call us at (530) 623-5536 if you have any questions.