Safety Tips

Download our Safety Tips sheet for important things you can do to keep your home safe.

Electrical Safety Tips (PDF)

Do you need surge protection for your home?

If you do not have surge protection, consider getting it. Today's electronic equipment and appliances are very sensitive. Remember that anything you plug in can be damaged or destroyed by a power surge. Although Trinity PUD is always working hard to maintain a high-quality supply of power to your home, we cannot prevent power surges from occurring, and we are not responsible for damages caused by most power surges.

DEFINITION: A power surge is a brief, unpredictable increase in voltage that can enter your home through the power, telephone, or cable television line.

Power surge protection puts up guards in two places: (1) where electricity enters your home and (2) inside your home where equipment is connected to electricity through outlets. A whole-house surge protector protects your home from power surges at the entry point, which is where your home and equipment are most vulnerable.

Whole House Surge Protector A whole house surge protector installed on a household electrical circuit breaker panel.

Power Surge Facts

Plug-in devices for surge protection inside the home protect your equipment at the outlet stage. The price range for surge protectors vary greatly but Trinity PUD suggests that you contact a qualified electrician or electric supply vendor to get more information on the merits of surge protection for your home. You may want to contact your insurance carrier regarding possible coverage against electrical surges.

Powerbar Surge Protector
A power bar with built in surge protector and multiple outlets.

Generator Safety

There's something you should know about back-up generators if you use one at home – Installing or using them incorrectly can seriously injure a home-owner or utility worker!

If you buy one, follow these safety rules:


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