Understanding Your Bill

Billing Sample

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Miscellaneous Fees

You may wonder why there are extra charges included on your bill. Trinity PUD strives to keep rates as low as possible; we ask our customers to pay for the additional costs associated with performing extra work. This way we don't have to pass on those expenses to other customers in the form of higher rates. As an example, if a customer forgets to pay their bill, Trinity PUD has to track the account and make sure that the late payment is made. Instead of passing these additional costs onto all Trinity PUD customers by raising our electric rates, we attempt to collect from the customers who require the extra work.

Below is a list of some of the additional fees that may be included in your bill if there is extra handling is required.

If Connection or Reconnection is Requested

Within three business days $35.00
Next business day $150.00
Same business day, after hours or at the transformer $300.00

If multiple connections are requested at the same time for a single panel, then each additional connection shall be charged $35.00 per meter set.

If a customer requests a disconnection and if either the account or location is closed and later requests a reconnection the old account or location will be reopened and in addition to any applicable charges above the customer shall be charged $35.00 for each month the account or location was closed up to a maximum of $630.00. In which case, a "month" will be defined as each billing date that occurred while the account or location was closed.

Remote Disconnect $35.00
Damaged Meter $160.00 - $280.00
Returned Check $25.00
Late Payment (1.5%) or Minimum of $10.00
48-hour Shut-Off Notice $50.00
Counter Collection Fee $35.00
Credit Card Convenience Fee $0.00 (On-Line)
Credit Card Convenience Fee $6.00 (with Assistance from District Staff)


2-month average consumption or minimum deposit, whichever is greater.

Residential Minimum Deposit $150.00
Commercial Minimum Deposit $200.00