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Forest fire being contained by helicopter crew

Wildfire Resources Be Prepared for Wildfires and Power Outages That Might Occur

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Wildfire Preparedness

Are You Prepared for Wildfires and Power Outages That Might Occur?

Trinity Public Utilities District (Trinity PUD) has three different ways that power is delivered to our substations, which in turn provide you power. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) transmission lines deliver the power to our Big Bar, Hyampom, Forest Glen, and Grouse Creek Substations. The Western Area Power Administration's transmission lines deliver the power to our Lewiston Substation and the Switchyard just east of Weaverville. This Switchyard serves Trinity PUD's power lines to our Weaverville, Douglas City, and Hayfork Substations. Western Area Power Administration and Trinity PUD's joint Trinity Dam Substation which serves our customers from the dam north to Eagle Creek Loop in Coffee Creek.

PG&E has implemented a plan to deenergize their powerlines during certain Red Flag Warnings. If these outages are implemented in Trinity County, they will affect all of our customers in the Big Bar, Hyampom, Grouse Creek, and Forest Glen areas.

Trinity PUD has maintained its powerline rights-of-way such that deenergizing our powerlines is a very unlikely event. The practice that Trinity PUD uses is to place all our reclosures on “oneshot” once fuel moisture levels drop and fire becomes more of a possibility. One-shot means that the power will stay on until something touches the power line. Once there is a “contact” the powerline deenergizes and stays off instead of trying to reenergize itself. Once a line is deenergized, the District's field staff respond to the area and begin patrolling the line to locate the contact and remove it. Once the entire line is cleared of any contacts the District field staff will reenergize the power

Trinity County Office of Emergency Services CodeRED Alert Enrollment